In my current role, I have the privilege to work on state led initiatives which focus on helping students explore professional industries that are in demand and provide competitive wages, as well as free college programs such as the California College Promise.  Working at a community college district, I am exposed to operational processes and education codes developed by the state legislature.

My purpose for running as a Trustee for Rancho Santiago Community College District is to leverage my knowledge and experience to ensure that our community has access to quality education through innovative programs and informed fiscal investments.

Programs for Living Wages

Early Education

Affordable Education

California community colleges have transitioned over the past several years to provide more opportunities to study and complete technical programs that result in gainful employment and shortened transfer times to four-year institutions.  This is known as Guided Pathways, which has also been introduced into K-12 counseling and instructional programs in partnership with community colleges.

Many California community colleges participate in a program established by the state assembly known as the College and Career Access Program (CCAP) or AB 288.  This bill supports the partnership between public high school districts and community colleges to provide college credit courses to high school students free of charge.  The goal of this program is to encourage students to explore college level and career technical coursework to help reduce the time and cost for completing a degree or certification.

Through the various state and federal programs that are available, students are able to obtain their Associate degree, career technical certification, or transfer coursework towards a Bachelor degree without incurring debt.